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A forefront Tradition!

Tradition and Innovation, these are the hallmarks of the Family Paolella who flock then on the work performed each day with great dedication in the dairy.
The strong sense of responsibility towards the Italian dairy tradition and the passion for innovation that improves the product of man, without altering the taste and nutritional properties.

The first innovation consisted in introducing in Fondi the rearing of buffalo, activity still absent on the Pontine area..
It was 1928 when a part of the family Paolella left Cellole (CE), country of origin, and moved to the Fondi, and only a few years later, in 1933, opened the first Cheese Factory of Buffalo Milk Mozzarella.

The Cheese Factory Paolella has preserved over time all the valuable techniques of handicraft production and every day produces milk products and True Buffalo Milk Mozzarella alongside such a Ancient Tradition, the most innovative techniques of quality control from raw materials to production processes.